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Nursing Tutoring

Welcome to nursing school! By now you are figuring out that, as a professional school, the nursing program is way different from pre-reqs classes. Remember when you used to think that taking Anatomy and Micro in the same semester was hard? The nursing tutors do too! They have been exactly where you are.

Nursing tutors can help you navigate all aspects of your ADN program: the massive amounts of lecture content, the uncertainties of Sim Lab, the idiosyncrasies of clinical sites and instructors, the endless amounts on NCLEX type questions and their rationales, the inevitable anxiety, and the fear. They can help you adjust your study habits because you likely will have to modify what worked for you before. They can help you learn to optimize your time, because you’ll wish you had more of it. They will be your cheerleaders and your cheer-uppers.

Nursing tutoring sessions are remote, occur on weekdays and weekends, are offered to all nursing students, and can be individual or in small groups. Nursing tutoring will help you succeed!

This sounds super harsh, but it is definitely true: a failing grade on just one test can sink your ship for the entire semester. (A tip: Nursing faculty will not drop the lowest grade. Ever.) Don’t be a sinking ship. Find your study buddies. Seek out tutoring now.

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