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Microsoft Office: APA Headers in Word 2013

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Create the Header

Creating an APA 6th Edition Header Using MS Word 2013


These instructions are for a NEW header on a new document


Insert the Header on the First (Title) Page

Go to the Insert menu in the Ribbon and choose Header from the Header/Footer group


Once the Drop Down header options appear, you may choose the very first option.

Once the Header opens, select "Different First Page" before you start writing.  It will allow you to make your initial page header different from the rest of your pages.  After doing this, you will see "TYPE TEXT" appear in the upper left corner of the header box.  Select it, and type in Running head: and then Part of the Title.  The Part title MUST BE IN ALL CAPS on each page.  See the illustrations below.

Once you are ready to insert the Page Number, press your TAB key to move the cursor to the right margin.  From there, select the Header/Footer toolbar as shown below and then the first option on that ribbon toolbar, before selecting PAGE NUMBER, then CURRENT POSITION.  Many options appear, but you select the very first option.  No matter where the illustration shows the page number inserting it, it will insert at the point your cursor is currently resting.

Once your page number and Part of the title are on page 1, your paper should resemble the header below.

Once you have typed the full title, press RETURN twice, then move your cursor to the left margin.  You will now need to insert a new, blank page so that the page will number 2 automatically, and all succeeding pages beyond 2.  APA 6th edition also calls for the header on page 2 and succeeding pages to NOT have the words "Running head:" typed in the header.  That information belongs only on Page 1.

After you have inserted the NEW PAGE and a break, double-click the left button of your mouse to enter the header area of Page 2.  Once in the header area, you can move your mouse up to the Header/Footer toolbar.  Follow the directions in the illustration below.

If everything has been done correctly, your page 2 header and succeeding pages will be without the "Running head:" option.  Only part of the title and the page number as shown below.  Page 1 should be the only page to contain Running head: and part of the title.  If the page number should move slightly to the left after you've highlighted and cut the "Running head:" from the page 2 header, just place your cursor next to page number itself and press the TAB key to put it back to the right margin.  If your paper resembles the one below (with your title instead of ours) you are now ready to set up margins and spacing (another Libguide) and to type your paper.