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Testing Center - Secondary Pages: FAQ

Testing Center Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Testing Center hours?

A: The Testing Center hours vary throughout the year. Please click here for the current Testing Center hours. Please note that there are general Testing Center hours, but there are also cutoff times for each type of test we offer – make sure you arrive before the cutoff time for your test.


The Testing Center Cutoff Times

Type of Test Cutoff Time
Placement Test 2 hours before closing time
Chesapeake College Class Test You MUST arrive to the Testing Center with your full allotted test time available before closing.
Certification Test or Proctored Test for Another School Varies based on exam type. You must receive the full allotted time for your test – we cannot administer your test if the allotted time will take you past closing time



Q: What items am I allowed to take into the testing room?

A: Basically, nothing is allowed in the testing room.  All personal items must be placed in lockers including books, notes, pens, pencils, calculators, cellular telephones, electronic devices, purses, wallets, and keys. No food or drink are allowed, including bottled water. Hats and head coverings are not permitted, unless worn for religious, cultural, or medical purposes. If hats or head coverings are allowed in the testing room, the tester's ears must be shown to a testing administrator in a private setting to ensure that no recording or listening devices are present. Calculators, pencils, pens, and scrap paper are provided by the Testing Center, you may not use your own. Unless your test is open book and/or open note, it is best to leave books, notes, book bags or backpacks, and similar items at home or in your car, but if you bring them to the Testing Center they must be stored in a locker during testing. Desks are to be clear of all items except for the test and the items necessary to take the test, such as Scantrons or calculators, which will be provided by the Testing Center.


Q: Do I need to make an appointment to take a test?

A: No, not for Chesapeake College class tests or placement tests, but you must be aware of the Testing Center hours and cutoff times, and leave yourself enough time to take your test. When the Testing Center closes, all tests are collected. No extra time will be allotted to complete tests after closing time. However, you WILL need to make an appointment for a CLEP test or a proctored test for another school or institution by calling 410-822-5400, x 2344. Pearson VUE, Castle, and other certification test appointments are made through the company websites.


Q: Do I need to bring an ID to take a test?

A: Yes! All students must provide a valid, unexpired form of government-issued ID with a current photo in order to test at the Testing Center. Examples of acceptable forms of ID include, but are not limited to, a driver’s license, passport, or military ID.


Q: What sort of information about my course or test will I need to provide?

A: You must know your teacher’s last name, your course number, and the name of the exam. For example: Cooper, MAT-032, and Exam 3.


Q: Which students have to take a placement test? When do they have to take it?

A: These questions are better answered by someone in Admissions or Advising. Please visit the front desk in the Dorchester Building where someone can assist you.


Q: What do I need to bring to the placement test?

A: Just your current, government-issued ID.You must contact the Admissions Department prior to coming to the Testing Center so your placement testing information can be placed into our database.


Q: I was told there is a proctoring fee for certain types of tests – which tests, and how do I go about paying the fee?

A: There is a $35 Testing Center proctoring fee for the following types of tests: Proctored tests for schools or institutions other than Chesapeake College, CLEP tests, and Certiport tests (unless you are taking the CST-125 course). The proctoring fee is paid at the Business Office in the Dorchester Building. Cash or credit cards will be accepted. The Business Office will then give you a receipt to bring to the Testing Center.


Q: How do I make arrangements for testing with accommodations?

A: Students who request reasonable accommodations must self-identify and register with the Accessibility Support Services Coordinator in the Office of Accessibility Services located in the Learning Resource Center (LRC) on the Wye Mills Campus. Students who request accommodations must complete an Intake Application and submit documentation of the disability (as defined by the ADA and Section 504) by a qualified professional.

For more information about Accessibility Support Services please contact:

Lynnette Blake, at 410-827-5805   Email:

The Testing Center

Chesapeake College

LRC Building, Room 107

Phone: 410-822-5400 x 2344

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