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Noodlebib Tutorials

These videos give a brief overview of Noodlebib, as well as some instructions for citing sources.

Time-Saving Tricks

NoodleBib can take the information you fill in about a source and give you a formatted citation, but sometimes you can even skip the filling-in step! Try these two ways of grabbing a complete citation without any extra work.

Books: Use WorldCat Integration

If you're citing a book, use the Import section of the top bar.

Noodlebib image

  1. Select "Title" in the drop-down menu
  2. Search for your book's title
  3. Click the search result
  4. Select Import selected source

NoodleBib fills in all the book's details, saving you several steps!

If you can't find your book by title, try using the ISBN. You can find the ISBN on the book itself (usually on the back near a barcode) or in the library catalog by clicking the Full Display button on the right side of a search result.

Journal Articles: Use Copy & Paste a Citation

Journal citation

If you're citing a journal article which you found in a database, use the Quick cite section of the top bar.

  1. Locate the citation in the database. Look for a button or link that says "cite" or "citation"; most databases will provide a citation in a few different styles, including MLA and APA.
  2. Copy the text of the citation from the database
  3. Click the "Copy & paste a citation" link
  4. Paste the citation in & then hit Submit

NoodleBib fills in all the article's details!

Check Your Work!

NoodleBib saves you a lot of time but it is no substitute for understanding a citation style. Look over your citations to make sure they make sense: is the capitalization consistent? Are all the pieces of information present? If you're uncertain, you can search for MLA or APA citation styles with Google to find example citations, or ask a librarian or writing tutor to look over your citations with you.

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