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Setting APA 6th Edition Header in MS Word: Office 365

This will demonstrate, step by step, how to insert and format an APA header style, 6th edition, in Microsoft Word.

Using a Office 365 Template

Creating an APA 6th Edition Header Using Word in Office365

Setting a Running Head in Office365 is challenging so we recommend downloading Microsoft's APA Style template to work from.


1) Log in to your Office365 account and select Word. Instead of selecting "New," click on the link, "More templates."


O365 Word start up screen

2) The page that comes up will have many templates listed, but most likely nothing for APA, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Explore all templates."

O365 Word template options

3) On the following page, click the magnifying glass icon to search the Office Templates.

Searching for APA style template

4) In the search box type APA.

Searching for an APA template in a search box

5) Scroll down the page and select either of the two APA styles indicated below in red.

APA template options

6) After you select a style, you'll need to choose between downloading the template which will save it to your desktop application, OR, choosing "Edit in Browser." If you do not have a desktop version of Word, choose "Edit in Browser."

Editing the APA template

7) After clicking "Edit in Browser," click Continue.

Saving the APA Template

8) You'll now see the template in your O365 Word. Notice that you can't see the Header. Don't panic! It is there. Just click on the "Header" box to the upper right of the paper.

Your template in O365 Word

9) You'll now see the template's running head on the title page. Type in your paper's title in all caps where indicated. Leave the page number, <#>, as it is.

View of the running head in the header

10) Feel free to use the rest of the prompts in the template to help you format your paper. Some elements you may not need. Just delete those.