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Tutoring Services at the Academic Support Center



When you go to schedule your tutoring session things might look a little different. That's because TutorTrac is now TracCloud! The old scheduling system has been updated with a new and improved version! Don't worry, any appointments that you might have made on TutorTrac are still in the system, things just look a little different.

TRiO Students - Email to schedule recurring appointments throughout the semester.

Tutoring Appointments

Watch a step-by-step video on how to make an tutoring appointment


  1. Use the Tutoring Appointments button to create an appointment, view your scheduled appointments, and connect to your sessions. Both in-person and online appointments are available. Online appointments are via Zoom. Check the box in the appointment window to schedule an online appointment.
  2. You will receive an email confirmation in your Skipjack email with your appointment date and time
  3. To connect to your tutor for your scheduled session, use the Tutoring Appointments button. Your upcoming appointment list will have a Zoom link and it will be available 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. At your appointment time, click the Zoom link to begin the session. Your tutor will let you into the session.
  4. If any problems occur, the tutor will call you on the phone

Please email with questions, request for group appointments, or with requests for recurring appointments.


  1. Find your schedule of Upcoming Appointments on your TracCloud account page. Scheduled sessions are at the bottom of the page.
  2. To cancel a session, click on the x
  3. Click the Confirm Button to cancel.
  4. Canceling an appointment video tutorial


Missing a scheduled Tutor appointment might be unavoidable, but missing several appointments creates hardships on tutors and other students wanting appointments.

When possible, students should cancel appointments 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. If you must cancel appointments closer to the appointment time, please contact the ASC at

Please review student responsibilities and expectations for best practices and to make sure unused sessions are freed up and available for others. Missing appointments may result in being blocked from making your own appointments. ASC staff will connect students with missed appointments.

(and other specialized areas)

Tutor Matching Service (TMS)

The Academic Support Center does not have onsite tutors for Accounting, Physics, or Computer Science coursework. Students who need tutors in these subject areas may request a voucher to purchase online tutoring through Tutor Matching Services (TMS). Voucher codes are used for payment instead of student credit card. Voucher amounts are $20. Each online TMS tutoring session should not exceed $20. Most online TMS sessions are between $10 and $20.

How does it work?

  1. Students contact the ASC and request a voucher code.
  2. A unique voucher code and instructions are sent to the student.
  3. The student goes to the Tutor Matching Service site, locates a tutor, and schedules a session.
  4. The student redeems the voucher for the session amount.
  5. Student meets online with TMS tutor.
  6. Voucher amounts must cover the entire cost of the TMS session or the student will be prompted to pay the remainder with a credit card.

This is a new service (2021) and the ASC would love student feedback so we can improve our services and support student success. If you would like to share your TMS experience, have questions, or need a voucher for tutoring in Accounting, Physics, or Computer Science, contact the ASC.

Phone: 410-827-5854

When to reach us