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Academic Support

ASC - Secondary Pages: Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Attend all scheduled tutor sessions or, if an unavoidable conflict arises, cancel or reschedule your appointment
  • Arrive on time for your session
  • Come to your sessions with goals of what you hope to accomplish during the session
  • Be respectful and appropriate
  • Bring all relevant materials to the session -- textbooks, notebooks, writing instruments, and assignments
  • Be prepared for your tutoring sessions:
    -Attend your classes and take notes
    -Attempt assignments before you meet with a tutor
  • Plan ahead for all due dates for assignments -- Students should not expect to receive emergency assistance the night before an exam
  • Cooperate with tutors by following all recommendations made regarding study methods and practices
  • Strict adherence of the Honor Code:
    -Tutors will not complete student assignments
    -Tutors work on material with students that has not yet been submitted for a grade
  • Contact and meet with instructors outside of class
  • Grades and class performance are responsibilities of the student

When to reach us

Tutors are available for fall semester!