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ASC - Secondary Pages: Who We Are

Who We Are

Our tutors are a diverse bunch. They work full-time and part-time; they’re current students, retired teachers, and people of all ages and experiences in between; they bring a wide range of experiences, histories, and worldviews to the table. The fact that our tutors reflect the diversity of our student body helps every student find a tutor with whom she or he “fits.” If you're interested in joining our diverse bunch of tutors, you can apply here.

Our tutors don’t all work in the same mode. Here’s a breakdown of the different ways our tutors provide support:

  • Writing tutors provide brainstorming, organizing, revising and finalizing support in any writing assignment students have, regardless of discipline. They also help with resumes, application and appeal letters, and other writing situations in which students need advice.
  • Appointment-based content-area tutors work one-on-one or in small groups with students who make an appointment for fifty minutes on a specific topic. 
  • Remote tutors hold sessions remotely online or by phone, at a distance. Remote sessions are synchronous and require students to make appointments to meet. Email us at to set up a remote appointment!

When to reach us