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MLA Guide: Citation Tools



Chesapeake College uses NoodleBib as their citation tool of choice. EasyBib also a viable option if you prefer to use it. 

How to get started with NoodleBib step-by-step:

From the NoodleBib login page, enter your ID and password then click Sign In. If you do not already have an account, you will need to click the Create a Personal ID button and fill out the form that follows.

Once you have signed into NoodleBib, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Create a New Project button on the right.
  2. Select MLA from the list presented. Leave Advanced selected below.
  3. Type a brief Description and hit Enter. On the next page, select the References or Works Cited button from the Components section.
  4. Now we can add our sources one by one. Use the Cite a: drop-down menu to find the item closest to your source, then select Create Citation.
  5. Choose carefully! It is hard to tell which item to use, so think about what your source is.
  6. Once you've made a choice, NoodleBib gives you a chance to view a video showing what that source type really looks like. Make sure you have the right type before proceeding.
  7. NoodleBib will then present a form. Add authors and editors (if there are any) one by one. Fill out as many fields as you can.
  8. When you have filled out the form, click the Submit button at the bottom.
  9. Repeat steps 4 through 8 for each of your sources.
  10. When you have a complete list of sources, click the Print/Export button.
  11. There are several export options, but for the most part you should choose Print/Export to Word to downloaded your list of citations.
  12. Check to make sure there aren't any errors! If you misspelled something, NoodleBib will not notice, so make sure everything looks right.



EasyBib is a free online citation tool at

In the center of the page you will see what looks like below:

  1. Choose what format you want your citation to be in. 
  2. Select what type of source your are using. If you found the source in one of our databases, you will want to select "Database" from the list of tabbed options.

3. Follow the directions that appear in the white "cite source" text box. Each source option asks a different question to enable you to continue creating your citation. 

4. After you answer the directions, you will be presented with a form to fill in. Make sure you select one of the formats before filling in the text boxes (see the red arrow). For example:

5. After filling out the form and clicking "Create Citation," you'll get the full citation in correct format. For example:

6. Use the available options to either save or copy and paste your citation.

7. Check to make sure there aren't any errors! If you misspelled something, EasyBib will not notice, so make sure everything looks right.