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Library Secondary: Disruptive Patrons Policy

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Disruptive Patrons Policy


The Chesapeake College Learning Resource Center is intended to be a place where users can study, do research, browse, read, and use computers in a non-threatening environment. It is expected that those who use the Learning Resource Center will do so responsibly and with respect for others, without damaging facilities or collections and without disturbing or harassing other users or staff. The following guidelines pertain to all users of the Chesapeake College Learning Resource Center.

Behaviors not permitted in the Learning Resource Center include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Abuse/vandalism of facilities, equipment, or materials;

  • Failure to return borrowed materials and/or failure to make compensation for unreturned materials;

  • Infringing upon the rights of others to fair and equal access to any of the Learning Resource Center's materials;

  • Unauthorized or fraudulent use of the Learning Resource Center's facilities and/or equipment including but not limited to the phone system, mail system, computer system, or use of any of the above for any illegal act;

  • Violation of the Chesapeake College Internet Access Policy;

  • Furnishing false information to any of the Learning Resource Center staff who are acting in the exercise of their official duties;

  • Disorderly, belligerent, lewd, or obscene conduct or expression;

  • Disruption, obstruction, or interference with Learning Resource Center operations and those of the Learning Resource Center's patrons, through the use of excessive noise, fighting, and/or intimidation;

  • Physical and /or psychological abuse, threat, or harassment of any member of the Learning Resource Center staff or its patrons, including physical, sexual, visual, or verbal abuse in any form;

  • Violation of any local, state, or federal law;

  • Intoxication and/or drug use;

  • Use of language that is offensive to other patrons or staff, including abusive, obscene, or threatening language;

  • Forging, altering, falsifying, or misusing Learning Resource Center materials;

  • Engaging in overt sexual behavior;

  • Soliciting.

Unlawful activities will be reported to the police and, when appropriate, violators will be subject to arrest.

Patrons who exhibit unacceptable behaviors will be asked to discontinue the prohibited behavior. The Learning Resource Center reserves the right to require repeatedly disruptive patrons to leave the premises and/or to restrict or suspend their privileges for a specified period of time, in some cases permanently. Those who disregard a request to leave the Learning Resource Center made by a staff member or security guard may be reported to the police.

A patron who believes that he/she has been treated unfairly may petition the Director.

Students engaged in prohibited behaviors will be dealt with according to the Non-Academic Misconduct Policies outlines in the Student Code of Conduct.


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