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Online Teaching Guide: Welcome



Thank you for your interest in teaching a Chesapeake College Online course. The Teaching and Learning Center is committed to supporting the design and delivery of online courses to ensure each student receives a quality education. Collaboration with Chesapeake College’s various departments, faculty, and staff helps to accomplish this. The Teaching and Learning Center team designed this guide as a reference tool to assist Chesapeake Online faculty with a pedagogical model for teaching online courses effectively so that students have a rewarding educational experience. Once you read the guide and complete the training, you will understand Chesapeake College’s minimum standards and guidelines for teaching a Chesapeake Online course.

The Teaching and Learning Center is responsible for providing online faculty training, professional development opportunities, and technological resources for the Chesapeake College community. Most importantly, we are responsible for ensuring that exemplary teaching is facilitated and implemented in all Chesapeake Online courses and that the courses and teaching adhere to the College’s standards.

Teaching an online course requires the same kind of commitment as a traditional face-to-face class on campus. The appropriate support and resources for our faculty members and students are provided by the Teaching and Learning Center.

Please direct your questions regarding this guide to for a timely response.

                                                                    Teaching and Learning Center Team