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Support/Policies: Plagiarism

As a student at Chesapeake College, you have many resources available to help you succeed while you are here. Below are a few links to student support services and more specific course policy information.


Plagiarism Detection Software
Chesapeake College has an agreement with the Unicheck, an educational tool that helps prevent or identify plagiarism from Internet resources. Faculty members may use the tool in their courses by requiring that assignments are submitted electronically to be checked by Unicheck. The Unicheck Similarity Report will indicate the amount of original text in your work and whether all material that you quoted, paraphrased, summarized, or used from another source is appropriately referenced. Student papers are protected by FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) as they are educational records that contain personally identifiable information. Unicheck stores and protects confidential and personally identifiable information with appropriate measures.