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Support/Policies: Academic Instruction Emergency Plan

As a student at Chesapeake College, you have many resources available to help you succeed while you are here. Below are a few links to student support services and more specific course policy information.

Academic Instruction Emergency Plan

Academic Instruction Emergency Management Plan

In the event the college needs to close for an extended period of time due to a flu pandemic, severe weather event, or other emergency, consideration will be given to the timing, duration, and extent of closure as follows:

  1. Closure during the semester for up to one week: there will be an opportunity to make up work missed without significant alteration to the semester calendar.
  2. Closure extending beyond one week (or where classes are cancelled on the same days/evenings over multiple weeks): the college may extend the length of the semester or eliminate scheduled breaks for affected classes. Depending on the timing and extent of the closure, processing of final grades may be impacted. Students can learn about closures on the Chesapeake College Homepage or by calling 410.822.5400 or 410.228.4360.