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Support/Policies: Use of Artificial Intelligence

As a student at Chesapeake College, you have many resources available to help you succeed while you are here. Below are a few links to student support services and more specific course policy information.

Use of AI

To ensure academic integrity and uphold ethical standards at Chesapeake College, the unapproved use of artificial intelligence (AI) by students on assignments and tests is strictly prohibited.

Definition of AI: For the purposes of this policy, AI is defined as any software or technology that can perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence, such as learning, decision-making, problem-solving, or composition.

Prohibited Conduct:

  • Using AI to complete assignments or tests
  • Collaborating with AI on assignments or tests
  • Submitting assignments or tests that have been completed or assisted by AI

Consequences for Violation:

As stated in the Academic Dishonesty Policy, when faculty choose to report to the Office of the Vice President for Workforce and Academic Programs an incident of academic dishonesty in their class, the name of the student will be recorded, along with the nature of the offense and the course and semester in which it occurred.

The VP’s office will then send a note to the student, the student’s advisor and the student’s instructor (who reported the offense) stating:

The normal appeals process remains in effect throughout this scenario: initial appeal by the student alone to the instructor, then to the Dean, and then finally to the VP.

  1. A first offense will result in an F or a zero for the assignment;

  2. A second offense will result in an F for the course (regardless of whether the second offense occurred in a class different from the first offense); the student may not withdraw from the class to avoid the F grade;

  3. A third offense will result in suspension from the College for a semester; the suspension will commence at the end of the semester in which the infraction occurred. Re-admission will be subject to approval by the CAAS.

  4. The College reserves the right to consider alternative sanction for academic dishonesty commensurate with the magnitude and seriousness of the alleged offense.