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Testing Center - Secondary Pages: NCTA Recognition

Chesapeake College Testing Center Earns National Recognition!

With millions of educational, certification, and licensure tests administered around the world every year, the need for secure testing environments and trained testing staff has never been greater.  One local test center has set the bar high for other post-secondary test centers and achieved national status as a leader in excellent testing practices.

Wye Mills, MD

NCTA logoThe Chesapeake College Testing Center was awarded Test Center Certification by the National College Testing Association (NCTA).  Criteria for certification are rigorous and are based on the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines, which were developed to guide post-secondary test centers in the delivery of quality testing programs. 

The Chesapeake College Testing Center is one amongst a growing number of test centers in the United States and around the world to have completed this intensive certification process.  This certification will be in place for five years and can be renewed by demonstrating continued compliance to national standards.

Congratulations are extended to Salman Zafarullah and the entire staff at the Chesapeake College Testing Center for maintaining high test administration standards and for providing excellent service to a wide variety of students and community members in the performance of their duties. 

The National College Testing Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of professionalism and high-quality service in the administration of testing programs, offers certification to college and university test centers that demonstrate exemplary practices.  NCTA membership numbers more than 2,200 testing professionals from over 650 colleges and universities as well as 50 test companies and organizations offering test-related products and services.

Contact the Chesapeake College Testing Center at 410-822-5400 ext. 2344 for more information about the numerous testing services provided.