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OneSearch Curriculum Builder - Getting Started: Additional Features

Additional Features

Now that you have created a reading list in your course, let's view some additional features. Click the link "See Current Reading List".


Search Library Resources: This link takes you back to the main search box.

Import From Existing List: You may import a previously created reading list from any of your, or public courses, into a specific course.

Import from EBSCO Folder: This feature is still in beta stage and provides a text box to import your list from the EBSCO folder, however, you have to enter the entire record to receive any results.

This list is public: Refers to the status of your list. You have to publish your list in order to share it with your students. Just creating a list does not publish it automatically. In case it says "private", simply click the link to publish it.



The following link "0 students have accessed this list" provides a list of student names who have accessed the reading list as soon as at least one student accesses it...



Add Folder: Lets you add folders to your list if you prefer to sort your reading material into individual folders.

Add Text or Instructions: If you like to add additional text or instructions to your list, e. g. "Read Chapter 5 in textbook xxx" you may do it in this section.

Add Web Resource: If you have additional resources to add to your reading list, you may add them as links in this section.


Below that section, you can view the list of reading material you have added, and add or remove individual text books.