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Instructional Systems

OneSearch Curriculum Builder - Getting Started: Getting Started

How it works

The EBSCO OneSearch Curriculim Builder plugin has already been fully integrated in the CANVAS LMS, simply search for the material your students need to read and add them to the reading list you will be creating.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Login to your Dashboard in CANVAS and navigate to the course you'd like to add a reading list to. 



Step 2: Click on Modules, then the + sign below the module you'd like to edit.



Step 3: Next, select "External Tool" from the dropdown and select whether or not you'd like to indent this item in the module (possible to up to 3 levels)



Step 4: Scroll down and select the tool "OneSearch Curriculum Builder



Step 5: Scroll down and enter a name for your list into the "Page Name" field. The URL field is already auto-filled, then click if you want the list to load in a new tab and / or indented. 



You will now see the list you have just created in your module. Next, you will have to add reading material to it.



Step 6: Now click on the list and enter the search term into the search box.


Step 7: Select the material you'd like to add to your list and click on "Add to Reading List". You can further refine your search, and limit or expand your results on the left.


Step 8: once you are finished adding reading material to the list, click on Module on the left hand side again. Then, make sure to publish your list on the far right, otherwise your students will not be able to view it.



You have now successfully added a reading list to your course.