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If you teach at Chesapeake, this site belongs to you. The Instructional Systems blog – formerly known as The Faculty Development Center – supports effective, innovative teaching at Chesapeake College by providing expertise and services to full-time and adjunct faculty in instructional design and development, educational technology, web development, and videography.

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Posted here are links to some of our favorite resources (articles, websites, guidelines, etc.) on teaching and learning topics. If you have resources you would like to share here, let us know.



What brought you to Chesapeake?
Timing. Really, amazing timing. I am not originally from Maryland. My husband and I moved to Maryland, from Alabama, in 2010 after I accepted the position of project coordinator for the Maryland Amphibian and Reptile Atlas. This was a five-year, citizen-science project sponsored by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources [READ MORE]

The beginning of the year started with an in-depth discussion about the Universal Design for Learning guidelines and how to apply them to your teaching practices to make learning accessible to our students. CAST (Center for Applied Special Technology, 2017) redesigned the guidelines chart to provide an at-a-glance tool which makes it easier to apply the guidelines to your teaching. These guidelines are not meant to be prescriptive, but rather provide a framework to make...

Teaching with Technology

To do a job well, it is essential to have the right tools available. At Chesapeake College Instructional Systems, we are continually searching for tools to improve student learning. This page contains a sampling of the wide variety of tools available to use in your course.


Faculty Facets

What brought you to Chesapeake?
My husband’s job has brought the two of us from the Midwest, to California, to Virginia, and now Maryland.  After taking time to raise our family, I am thankful for friends who pointed me to Chesapeake, where I can use my eclectic education and career experiences, and return to teaching [READ MORE]

Featured Blog Posts

Comments Canvas recently enabled their beta version of for individual courses in at Chesapeake. It can be accessed from the Canvas Assignments page. It does not interfere or interact with existing course quizzes which are still available. Eventually, it will replace the current iteration of quizzes. In order to prepare for that eventuality, we are adopting the beta version to initiate conversations regarding training and implementation...

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We now offer extended hours to better assist faculty. Whether you’re having a Canvas issue, a pedagogical issue, or are in the middle of grading, you can reach out to us during the following hours: Click here

What brought you to Chesapeake?
My wife and I moved here a couple of years ago, and I wanted to stay in adult education. Previously I had taught at Montgomery College and Northern Virginia Community College. What innovative teaching practices do you use to engage your students? I think the most important strategy is to [READ MORE]

Frequently, we may not be thinking how the student is viewing the assignment. The type of device the student is using (MAC or PC, tablet or iPad, smartphone or some other electronic device) may make the difference in communicating HOW to log in, upload, record or submit. Other considerations would be the browser (which one is used, is it up-to-date, does it have security settings or pop-ups blocked), embedded links (are they up-to-date, is there a login required)...