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Faculty Resource Guide: Welcome

Guide for full and part time faculty

Faculty Resource Guide


Welcome! This Faculty Resource Guide is provided information for both full-time and adjunct faculty.  It supplements information available in the Faculty Staff Manual which can be found through MyCampus.  The Faculty Staff Manual is the ultimate resource for all College Policies. 

  Dave Harper

Welcome, colleagues, to the Faculty Resource Guide.  These are exciting times to be educating.  Chesapeake College’s Faculty Staff Manual states, in part, “Academic excellence is achieved through teaching excellence; never has teaching excellence been more critical to the social, economic, and cultural development of the Shore than it is today.  According to Building Communities:  A Vision for a New Century, ‘Excellence in teaching is the means by which the vitality of the college is extended and a network of intellectual enrichment and cultural understanding is built.’”  To support faculty in meeting the changing needs of our community, it is our intention to amply support and resource all Chesapeake College faculty, ensuring students have opportunities for transformative learning experiences so they, in turn, can transform our communities for the better. 


Dave Harper,

Vice President for Workforce and Academic Programs