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Faculty Resource Guide: Cambridge

Guide for full and part time faculty


Multi-Service Center – Cambridge

The Multi-Service Center (MSC) is the Cambridge arm of the Learning Resource Center providing library, testing and academic support services.  

The MSC houses 16 computers where users can word process, complete course work, conduct research and access online academic resources. The MSC also houses a closed Reserve Collection for student use, where instructors may leave course specific materials, including books, articles, and other learning aids to be used on site.

Library Instruction is also a function of the MSC, providing general information literacy sessions as well as assignment specific instruction to classes face-to-face.  To arrange assistance, please contact Bridget Wood at

The Cambridge Testing Center is housed in the MSC, providing academic testing for those with accommodations, those approved to take a make-up test, or students in online classes. Please remember that the Cambridge Testing Center does not have the same hours as the Testing Center in Wye Mills (Please check the college website for the most up to date information).

Academic support is provided in the MSC, including tutoring for math, writing, technology and science, as well as support for other general education courses. Tutoring is done face-to-face, online, individually and in groups by professional tutors and/or peer tutors. These services are provided free to all Chesapeake College students, whether they are taking classes in Cambridge, Wye Mills, off site or online. To invite a tutor to visit your class to promote our services, email




In the event of an emergency situation, employees and students are encouraged to dial directly to 911 (if the situation warrants doing so) and then report the incident to the Cambridge main office at 410-228-5754. In the event the emergency occurs during evening classes, the Security Officer at the Cambridge Center may be reached by cell phone by dialing (410) 463-4185.  Should the emergency occur during the night or on weekends, please contact Wye Mills Campus security at 410-758-7275.



 Please check the  college website for the most up to date information.  

Faculty Staff Manual

Faculty Staff Manual

The Faculty Staff Manual is the source for all College policies.  Consult it for the most current and up to date policy statements.