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Faculty Resource Guide: Instructional Design/eBlueprint

Guide for full and part time faculty

About the e-Blueprint



A key resource for instructional design is the College's e-Blueprint. The e-Blueprint was developed by the Committee for Teaching and Learning using elements from Quality Matters and from checklists from the Education Services department at Instructure (Canvas).  It incorporates elements of Universal Design for Learning principles, pedagogical best practices, and quality course development methods. 

How To Use

The legend in the top right corner of each page references what type of criterion is demonstrated.  

★  Rating indicates an expected and standard design component.

★★  Rating is considered best practice.

★★★  Rating is exemplary.

What does the e-Blueprint Address

The e-Blueprint includes the following sections;

  • Course Information
  • Course Content Design
  • Community Building/Social Presence
  • Assessment of Student Learning
  • Course Accessibility


Universal Design for Learning: External Resources

Universal Design for Learning: Canvas Community Resources


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