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Faculty Resource Guide: Grades and Rosters

Guide for full and part time faculty

Grades and Rosters

Class Rostersundefined

Real-time class rosters can be found both in Canvas and Self Service. Class rosters, including student demographic information, are available through the password-secure website throughout the semester. Begin early in the semester to become familiar with the information available and how to navigate through it.  Keep in mind that rosters accessed early in the semester may be incomplete, as students continue to drop and add classes until after the semester begins.  

For more information on the MyCampus portal and Self Service, see the Technology section of this Manual.

To access Self Service, log on to the MyCampus portal via the college’s webpage and select Self Service. For more information on student records, contact the Registrar, Jim Davidson at or extension 5846.

FTE Attendance Rosters

During the third week of the semester, an email will be sent out by the Registrar to all faculty asking them to verify enrollment in their courses.  The FTE Attendance Record can be accessed by logging on to Self Service for Faculty.  Faculty are asked to report the status of each student’s attendance by comparing their attendance records with the FTE roster. 

Steps include the following:

  • Complete the “Attending” column for each student by indicating Yes or No.  
  • For those students who are not attending, complete the other columns as appropriate. 
  • Direct any student who is attending the class, but is not listed on the roster, to immediately go to the Office of Registration to complete the registration process.  Any student who is not registered must not attend class and will not receive a grade. 
  • Send an email to and include the name and ID number of each student who is not listed on the Class Roster.

The roster should reflect all students in the class as of the cut-off date for registration.  Please note that attendance is defined as seat time or log in time.  It is imperative that this roster reflect accurate enrollment information in order to assure compliance with all state reporting guidelines, deadlines and regulations governing financial aid recipients. 


Mid-Term “S” and “U” Grades.  A mid-term grade of “S” (satisfactory) is to be given to only those students who would receive an “A,” “B,” or “C” grade in the course.  A mid-term grade of “U” (unsatisfactory) is to be given to only those students who would receive a “D” or “F” grade.  Students with a “U” grade are encouraged to contact their instructor or an advisor to correct the problem.   Mid-term grades are usually due the sixth or seventh week of the semester and must be submitted electronically.

All grades at Chesapeake College are submitted electronically.  Instructors will receive a reminder email from the Registrar’s Office to submit mid-term grades through Self Service via Faculty/Grading/Midterm.  Submit only a grade of S or U in the Midterm Grade column to indicate each student’s performance at mid-term. 

Remind students that they can view their grades by going to Self Service for Students/Grades.  The most current roster information can always be accessed through Self Service to determine if a student has withdrawn from the course.  Please advise all students at risk of failure to withdraw before the deadline. 

Dual Enrollment Mid-term Grades

Some area high schools require letter or percentage mid-term grades rather than the satisfactory or unsatisfactory grades required by Chesapeake.  If there are dual enrollment students registered in your on-campus or online courses, you will be notified by email to submit a mid-term grade that will be included in a database returned to the high school counselors.  These letter grades are included as part of the student’s report card grades.

Final Grades

Final grades are submitted electronically through Self Service within 48 hours after the final examination is given in each course. Your prompt attention and submission of final grades is imperative and could impact a student’s ability to graduate.  Once you have submitted grades, you may go back and print a copy of the grade roster for your records.

Please enter letter grades (A, B, C, D or F) in the grade column.  Every student receives a grade even if he or she has stopped attending.  Please remind students that they can view their final grades after all grades are entered and verified.  Students may access their grades through Self Service for Students/Grades.

Explanation of Grades

The quality of performance in any academic course is reported by a letter grade.  These grades denote the character of work and are assigned quality points.

       GRADE                              STANDARD                                                                   QUALITY POINTS

            A                                  Superior                                                                                         4

            B                                  Good                                                                                              3

            C                                 Average                                                                                          2

            D                                 Pass Without Recommendation                                                     1

            F                                  Failure                                                                                            0

            I                                   Incomplete                                                                                      0

            L                                  Audit                                                                                               0

            W                                Withdrawn Officially                                                                        0

            S                                  Satisfactory                                                                                    0

            T                                  Temporary                                                                                      0

            U                                 Unsatisfactory                                                                                 0

Special Classifications of Grades

Incomplete or “I” Grades

A grade of “I” (Incomplete) may be issued to a student who is unable to complete a course due to an unexpected EMERGENCY situation.  In order to receive an “I” grade, the student must initiate an official Permission to Receive an Incomplete Grade form and provide sufficient documentation.  The request must be submitted prior to the beginning of final exams and is subject to the approval of both the instructor and the Vice President for Workforce and Academic Programs.  An “I” grade, which if not removed within four weeks after the beginning of classes for the next regular semester, automatically converts to an “F” grade.  No quality-point average can be computed for a student while any course remains incomplete.

Audit or “L” Grades.  The grade of “L” (Audit) will be recorded for those courses in which the student registers for no credit.

Changing Grades

Evaluation of student academic performance is the faculty member’s responsibility.  In an exceptional case where a student is convinced that his/her grade is inappropriate, the student will be asked to follow the Student Academic Grievance Procedure as outlined in the College’s online Catalog.  Forms for filing a student grievance are available in the office of the academic dean.  Requests for “F” to “W” grade changes are requested through the Admissions, Financial Aid, and Academic Standing Committee.  Requests for changes in grades must be submitted within one year of the initial posting.

Right of Disclosure

Student rights regarding disclosure of any information maintained as part of their educational record are protected by law.  Disclosure may not be made without the written consent of the student.  For more information about FERPA compliance, contact Jim Davidson at or extension 5846.

Student Success & Enrollment Services

One of the most outstanding qualities of Chesapeake College is our attention to students as individuals.  Chesapeake faculty are noted for “going the extra mile” to enable students to be successful.  In addition, there are many ways that the Student Success and Enrollment Management retention staff can enhance the potential for student success. 

The Student Success & Enrollment Management offices provide a variety of services designed to assist students in developing and completing their academic goals.  Services include academic planning and transfer advisement, career planning and placement, financial aid and scholarship advising, and referrals for personal counseling.  Please refer students who are at risk of failure or in need of any of these services so that we can help.

Faculty Staff Manual

The Faculty Staff Manual is the source for all College policies.  Consult it for the most current and up to date policy statements.