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Faculty Resource Guide: Academic Support Center

Guide for full and part time faculty

Academic Support Center


The Academic Support Center (ASC) is located on the first floor of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) on the Wye Mills campus. Academic Support Center services are also provided in the Multi-Service Center in Cambridge.  The ASC is the central location for students requesting tutoring or assistance with course work, including math, science, technology, and writing projects. Tutoring in most disciplines is provided one-on-one or in small groups. Each semester, specific hours are dedicated to tutor-led study sessions for some high-demand courses.  The dedicated tutoring schedule changes each semester.

ASC services are free and offered both online and face-to-face.  Students can make their own appointments through the LRC Services tab in MyCampus.  More information about the hours, services, and resources available in the ASC may be found online on the Academic Support Center webpage.  To request a class visit for a general 5 to 7 minute introduction to our services, please use this form

Tutoring and teaching are very different.

Instructors follow a predetermined guide to evaluate their students.  Tutors focus on a student's individual and specific academic needs with helping them improve their skills in targeted areas. When embedded, the tutor's role is distinct from the instructor and other administrative personnel. As such, tutors do not have the authority to take on tasks primarily held by the instructor. Tutors are neither teachers’ aides nor substitute teachers. See Embedded Librarians and Tutors for more information.


Facilitating Student Success   


Promoting tutoring and other LRC services helps students succeed. The following are some ways faculty can promote ASC services.

  • Refer students to ASC support services
  • Make visiting the ASC part of a required assignment
  • Arrange a class tour for your students or invite a tutor to come to your classroom 
  • Increase awareness of college resources by promoting services through communication with students, course content, and assignments
  • Embed tutors to support the students needing specific skill improvement and as a connection to tutoring services
  • Include links to ASC resources and information in your course
  • Include a short informational video about tutoring in your course

To invite a tutor to visit you class or find out more about embedding a tutor in your class email the Center at or use this form

Additional information for faculty.

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