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Faculty Resource Guide: Testing Center

Guide for full and part time faculty

Testing CenterTesting Center


General Information

The Testing Center on the Wye Mills campus is located in Room L-107 in the Learning Resource Center (LRC). The Testing Center hours vary – please refer to the Testing Center website for the current hours.

Academic Testing

(students taking tests for their Chesapeake College courses)

Students may take their academic tests in the Testing Center if they have accommodations, if they are taking a makeup test, or if they are taking online classes (hybrid courses are considered online).

In order to test, all students must:

  • Present government issued, unexpired photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • Arrive at the Testing Center with the full allotted time to take their tests before the Testing Center closes. For example, if a student is allotted two hours to take the test and the Testing Center closes at 4:00 that day, the student must arrive no later than 2:00.

Please let students know about these identification and cutoff time requirements. In addition, please make sure students are aware of the testing window you have provided for their tests.

All materials such as scrap paper, pencils, pens, erasers, calculators, dictionaries, etc. will be provided by the Testing Center. Students will place all other belongings in lockers in the Testing Center while they are testing.

Test Information Form

All tests must be accompanied by a Test Information Form. Please take a minute to proofread the form after completing it – in many cases tests cannot be administered if information on the form is omitted or unclear.

Test Delivery and Pickup

Once the form is completed, the form and the tests (if it is a paper test) must be placed in the locked mailbox marked “To Testing Center” located in each division office, or hand-delivered to the Testing Center. You may also send the Testing Center an email with the form and test attached. However, if more than one copy of the test needs to be printed, please print the tests and send them or bring them to the Testing Center.

Completed and expired tests will be returned to teachers daily. The tests will be placed in the locked mailboxes marked “From Testing Center” located in each division office, or you may pick them up in the Testing Center (you will designate which delivery method you prefer on the Test Information Form).

Feel free to call the Testing Center at any time by dialing extension 2344, or email at