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Faculty Resource Guide: Employee Policies

Guide for full and part time faculty

Employee Policies


(The Faculty Staff Manual is THE official repository of all College policies.  Please refer to it for the complete list of policies.  It is available through MyCampus.) 


All employee accidents and injuries are to be reported to Human Resources within three days of occurrence.   The Human Resources office is located on the second floor of the Dorchester Building.


Campus Parking

While there are some spaces designated as faculty parking, instructors may park anywhere on campus not restricted as handicapped or permit parking only.  Parking spaces become limited during peak hours.  Parking regulations are enforced.


Confidentiality Statement

All Chesapeake College employees are required to know and abide by the Proper Use of Information Technology & Other Information policy and to sign a confidentiality statement.  This statement becomes a part of the employee’s permanent record with the institution.


Sexual Harassment

Chesapeake College is committed to maintaining a working and learning environment in which students, faculty, and staff can develop intellectually, professionally, and socially.  Such an environment must be free of intimidation, fear, coercion, and reprisal.  Therefore, sexual harassment by college faculty, staff, and students is prohibited.  Inquiries may be directed to the Vice President for Student Success and Enrollment Services or to the Director of Human Resources. All Chesapeake College employees are required to sign a Sexual Harassment Statement.


Smoking/Alcohol Policy

Chesapeake College operates totally in a tobacco-free environment.  Smoking is not permitted anywhere on campus.  Alcohol may be served at college-sponsored events with prior approval of the President.  Alcohol will not be sold at any event regardless of site.