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Faculty Resource Guide: Instructional Design

Guide for full and part time faculty

Instructional Design


The Teaching and Learning Center Instructional Systems staff provides instructional design guidance and support to all faculty. Support ranges from initial design and development to course revision to integrating new techniques and tools. Contact for instructional design guidance and assistance.



Chesapeake College uses Instructure's Canvas learning management system (LMS) to support delivery of all classes, online, hybrid, and face-to-face. Through the Canvas LMS each course section is provided its own site known as a course shell that is especially designed with tools to assist students and faculty. Each course section is set up on Canvas every semester and a roster is created based on the information from our Colleague registration system.  Though Canvas is fairly easy to learn, it is a full-featured LMS with many options and tools available. Faculty can use the LMS in many ways, for example:  organizing course units; presenting text, audio or video information; communicating with students via online discussions, real-time videoconferencing, real-time chat,  or course mail; enabling collaborative projects and peer evaluation; allowing students to submit work electronically; giving assignments and quizzes; tracking and grading student work; and providing a course calendar and other course utilities.   

Faculty members are expected to use the course management and communication tools available through Canvas, and to maintain the Canvas Grade Book.  There are also assessment tools in Canvas that you may find helpful.  Managing your course in this LMS provides valuable access to students; it also allows the academic division to know where students are in the course should the instructor be unable to complete the course, and to carry out its Emergency Management Plan in case of a campus-wide emergency closing.

Canvas is accessed from the college’s website by logging onto the MyCampus portal.  From the portal LaunchPad, select Canvas. Canvas training is available to every faculty member. Contact Instructional Services to get started. 

Contact the Instructional Services staff for details and Canvas training.


Posting Your Syllabus 

To help students prepare for your first class session, faculty are asked to post the course syllabus, a first assignment, and a welcome to students in Canvas prior to the beginning of classes.  You should upload your syllabus to your course section in Canvas. 


Post your Syllabus and Assignments in Canvas

Each course section has its own site in Canvas. Please be certain to post your syllabus and your major assignments in that site on Canvas. This ensures that we provide students sufficient time to become familiar with the requirements for your course and with the Canvas interface, even before the semester begins. It also ensures that students have access to essential course information even if the college is closed in an emergency.

Follow these steps in your Canvas course(s):

  • Upload a Microsoft Word or PDF file of your completed syllabus to the Syllabus page in Canvas. The best practice is to type (or cut and paste) your syllabus directly on the syllabus page. 
  • Add each of your assignments to your Canvas course regardless of whether or not you plan to accept online submissions for the assignments.  This will create a place in the Canvas grade book for each assignment where you can enter the grades. 
  • Complete and publish your course 5 business days prior to the first day of class.  Courses will be automatically published if you have not self-published the course by this time. 
  • Instruct students to take the Chesapeake College Online Student Orientation if this is the first time they are taking a course in Canvas or if they need a refresher on Canvas.  You may choose to do this on your Syllabus page, in an announcement, or on your home page.

If you have difficulty logging on to the MyCampus portal or into Outlook mail, email or call 410-304-2224.

Course Folder/Saving Your Grade Book  

At the completion of the semester, all faculty members are expected to export and save their Canvas Grade Book so that the information is available should a grade be challenged by a student.  All other course documents posted in Canvas will be archived by the Teaching and Learning Center once the semester has ended.  Any supplementary course materials (exams, special projects, handouts, etc.) that were not uploaded to the Canvas course must be submitted electronically to the Division Office.